App Settings

From the home screen, press the gears button to access app settings. This lets you customize the app's look and feel to your liking.

Display Settings

  • Language: All supported languages are listed here. Select your desired language. After selecting your language, be sure to go to your device settings page and press SAVE to update the device. This will make sure all alerts from the device are also delivered in your desired language.
  • Brand: This changes the logo at the top of the app screen. Omega has several brands of vehicle security and convenience products. So, you can have the app match your system if you'd like.
  • Style: This selects the button skin for your control screen. There are several free skins included with the app and a few skins available as in-app purchases. Be sure to check back as new skins will be added from time to time.
  • Enable App PIN-code: For an added layer of security to your app, you can set a 4 digit PIN that will be required every time you open or return to the app.
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